Fabrizio Venturi
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Fabrizio Venturi completed his PhD in Archaeology at the University of Pisa with a dissertation on "Syria between the end of the Late Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age" ("La Siria nell’età delle trasformazioni" (XIII-X sec. a.C.). Nuovi contributi dallo scavo di Tell Afis: Bologna 2007). In his capacity as field director, he took part in the Syrian excavations of Tell Afis, between 1988 and 2010, and Arslan Tash, between 2007-2009. He was research fellow between 2004-2010 in the Department of Linguistic and Oriental Studies at the University of Bologna and he has taught History of Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East at the Universities of Bologna, Ravenna and Trapani. He is author of several studies that focus chiefly on Levantine architecture and material culture of the Late Bronze and Iron Age periods.

Fabrizio Venturi

Tell Afis

The Excavations of Areas E2-E4 – Phase V-I – The End of the Late Bronze / Iron Age I Sequence Stratigraphy, Pottery and Small Finds

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