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This book presents a revised chronology for the Late Chalcolithic period in Western Syria. The new sequence of ceramics excavated in Tell Afis (Area E1) 1991-2000, a detailed revision of the partly contemporary corpus from Hama (periods M and L), and an overview of other pertinent sites, like Ras Shamra, sites in the Amuq valley, and Mersin-Yumuktepe, combine to suggest a more advanced, if still provisional, panorama of cultural developments in the Northern Levant in the 5th-4th Mill. BC. The volume, which is a revised version of the author's doctoral thesis, contains thorough analyses of the LC ceramic corpora from Tell Afis and Hama, presented in more than 100 plates and figures.


Deborah Giannessi received her PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Pisa. She was for many years a member of the Pisa Archaeological Project at Tell Afis (Syria), and has participated in other archaeological excavations in Syria, Oman, Iraq, and Italy. Her research includes museological projects in Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Besides published studies related to her work in the Middle East, and mainly focussed on the IVth Millennium B.C., she has edited two monographs on the archaeology and history of her native Versilia (Tuscany).